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Dangles takes pride in providing the highest quality accessories and apparel to Elite hockey players and fans. Dangles makes sure each subscription members are always prepare to hit the ice and ready to BE THE BEST with our high quality apparel. We set up at the highest level hockey tournament and camps throughout the year to provide Elite players and fans all the accessories and apparel they need to be the best. Our Tape, Laces, Wax, and Pucks are all made within North America

The founder of Dangles studied Environmental Sustainability in College and knows the Important of becoming the most environmentally friendly Hockey Company while also having the most high quality accessories and Dangles apparel. We do this by seeking out the best eco friendly apparel and partnering with other company that have environmentally friendly products and missions to become even more environmentally friendly in the future.

YEW!  is a cool young brand that has developed a new technology wax. YEW! Supertack Peppermint Overload will provide your customers with a strong alternative.  YEW! has professional performance, is super tacky and is the only environmentally positive wax on the market.

Flex fit 110 Dangles Adjustable Hat is part of the ‘Rescued and Renewed’ campaign, we’ve salvaged recycled plastic bottles to make our Flex fit 110® Recycled mesh caps. It’s got the same quality and comfort while saving the planet one cap at a time. This cap is our solution to creating a sustainable life.

Jaybird Hockey Tape= All paper cores that Jaybirds produce are made from 100% recycled fiber paperboard. All paper cores should be recycled with other paper products if/when possible. They continue to look at improved ways to make their packaging more environmentally friendly on a yearly basis.

The Story Behind Dangles

Dangles is a new hockey company that specializes in hockey accessories and hockey subscription service. The founder of the company grew up playing hockey and know the struggles of running out of tape or breaking your laces right before a game. During the summer of 2020 he created a company that would provide hockey players with a monthly hockey accessory package that would supply the player with all the hockey tape and other accessories the player may need throughout the month. These packages help make the player be more prepared to hit the ice every time they have a practice or game.

Recently Dangles is focusing on coming out with our own accessory line. We are working with local manufactures to get Dangles hockey tape, laces and wax. With all Dangles product we'll always focus on having the highest quality and also will have our products be as sustainable as possible. Our apparel line is also a big part of our company because all our apparel has a bold but professional look and all our products are very highest quality so people love the feel and look it gives them when wear Dangles apparel

I grew up in central New Hampshire where I was lucky enough to have a hockey rink and youth hockey team in my home town. I played Kearsarge youth hockey growing up until I got into high school where I played at Proctor Academy. I then went to UNH where I got my bachelor Growing up always playing hockey, I learned quickly that hockey tape was always scarce in the locker room and that you break your laces at the most inconvenient time, This lead me to create Dangles so that future hockey players will always be prepared for their next practice or game.

Dangles Mission

Dangles will become a nation wide hockey company that focuses on provide its members and customers the best high quality accessories and apparel. Dangles will be one of the most environmentally friendly hockey company by always looking for ways to Be The Best!

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